What we do

ScreenX provides the following types of services:
On-screen advertisements, immersive film produciton, alternative contents, and multiprojection solutions.


What is ScreenX Ad?

Utilizing the world’s first multi-projection theater system and by taking advantage of the immersive space which a theater provides, ScreenX Ad delivers an innovative advertising experience.
People are exhausted by the constant bombardment of media.
We purposefully escape into the settings of a dark theater to step away from the noise and to immerse ourselves away from everyday reality.
ScreenX uses this very setting to immerse movie goers a brand new form of entertainment.

The “X” in ScreenX stands new potential for on screen advertisements which are now possible.
To EXPAND beyond the boundaries of a screen and allowing on screen ads to EXPRESS their messages in never before seen ways, ScreenX Ads delvers an EXPERIENCE to audiences which leave a truly lasting impression.


KIA CINEMA <Future of Mobility>, 2013


ScreenX Ad is not simply an on screen advertisement.
ScreenX Ads are similar to normal on screen
advertisements in that they are shown right before
the start of a movie. However, ScreenX Ads breaks through a barrier which has been defined for over 100 years and goes beyond being a simple ad, but rather, a brand new form of media.

SAMSONITE <Firelight> Commercial, 2013

SAMSONITE <Firelight> Commercial, 2013


ScreenX Ad is not simply a form of visual content.
Going beyond the audience’s visible peripheral and expanding the on screen content to three gigantic screens, ScreenX Ad transports the audience into the advertisement and delivers a new level of immersion.
ScreenX Ad creates a new form of content to the audience and therefore delivers a completely new experience.

ScreenX Concept Visual Production, 2012

ScreenX Concept Visual Production, 2012


ScreenX isn’t simply entertainment you watch.
By delivering never before seen visual experience, ScreenX provides a new form of entertainment to the audience. Using the”larger than life” scale of projection mapping and combining that with a theater structure, ScreenX differs from other forms of advertisements by immersing the audience in visual content and thus, providing a natural environment for effective viral

What’s the Difference?

Deeper Immersion X Higher Impression = Experience Innovation

Pushing the limits of an innovative theater experience
ScreenX does not simply expand onto a larger screen, but pushes the immersive attributes which already exist within the advertisement by delivering an experience only possible within the walls of a theater.
A new form of expression and a new level of connection between the audience and the screen leaves viewers with an unforgettable experience.

Pushing the limits of an immersive theater advertisement
By using the spaces of a theater that are normally taken for granted, ScreenX expands the brand onto multiple screens and increases the story telling element of the advertisement. Utilizing the cube-like structure of a theater, the limits of entertainment from an ad are now limitless. ScreenX doesn’t just show an ad to viewers, but delivers the value of a brand.

Pushing the limits of creative advertising
Making certain a brand stands out and remains appealing to viewers, ScreenX combines creative motion graphics, CG, and panoramic editing to fully utilize the three available screens. This allows ScreenX ads to deliver a level of scale, immersion, and creativity like none other.

ScreenX ads are not just limited to within the theater space, but also branches out into the theater lobby, combining new media and projection mapping to deliver a new experience with the advertiser’s brand.

Who We Are

Screen X Ads caters to the advertiser’s needs by implementing a production system specifically tailored for the production of ScreenX content. From ScreenX specific creative development, media production, technical solutions, and ScreenX R&D, ScreenX Ads makes sure to provide advertisers with a complete production package.

We areMedia Architects
We create and deliver a brand new form of media. A mixture of 3 dimensional space and 2 dimensional content, ScreenX Ads combines new and old to create an unseen way of storytelling.
We areExperience Creators
We create, from the ground up, new contents for ScreenX. By structuring the visual content around the specific brand, ScreenX Ads makes sure to leave a lasting impression with viewers by creating one of a kind content which is only available within a movie theater space.

Business Area

ScreenX Ads’ advertisement production experience has paved the way for the production of ScreenX tailored music, animation, promotional films, performances, and the development of new media.

  • - Production

    • - ScreenX Advertisement Production ScreenX
    • - Cross platform Culture Production
    • - Multi Screen/Projection Mapping Production
  • - New Media Development

    • - Media Development in the theater
    • - New Entertainment Development


ScreenX Ads works with top international companies to create and deliver top tier ScreenX advertisements.