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ScreenX is the world's first multi-projection system used within a theater setting.
Providing a new level of immersive media, ScreenX delivers the next evolution in cinema technology.


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  • 2016
    • 12McDonald’s ‘Lucky Burger’ Ad
      Amway ‘Artistry FloraChic’ Ad
    • 11Held 2016 ScreenX Festival
      CJ Oliveyoung ‘Girls Education’ Ad
      Asiana Airline ‘LA’ Ad
      LG Electronics ‘Ultra Wide Monitor’ Ad
      L’occitane Korea ‘Holiday(2016)’ Ad
    • 10eBay(Auction) ‘Smile Pay’ Ad
      Renault Samsung Motors ‘QM6′ Ad
      Swatch Group Korea ‘MIDO’ Ad
      Black Yak ‘Edge Down’ Ad
      Macau Government Tourist Office ’63rd Macau Grand Prix’ Ad
    • 09Movie <The Map Against the World> Release in ScreenX
      McDonald’s ‘Brand Campaign’ Ad
      Samsung ‘Serif TV’ Ad
      Cleantopia ‘Cleantopia’ Ad
      Dongsuh Food ‘Maxwell’ Ad
      Tonymoly ‘Secret’s of Blacktea’, ‘+24 Education’ Ad
      Renault Samsung Motors ‘QM6 Launching’ Ad
      ABC-Mart ‘Saucony’ Ad
    • 08Movie <Operation Chromite> Release in ScreenX
      Attendance at BIRTV 2016
      eBay Auction Ad
      Nike ‘RIO’ Ad
    • 07Movie <Train to Busan> Release in ScreenX
      Attendance at KCON 2016 LA
      Look Optical ‘Glasses are face’ Ad
      Doing Sports ‘Arena’ Ad
      Dong-A Pharm ‘Bacchus’ Ad
      BKR Burger King ‘Tong Shrimp Whopper’ Ad
      Nongshim ‘Baeksansu’ Ad
    • 06Movie <BIGBANG MADE> Release in ScreenX
      S-Oil ‘S-Oil Seven’ Ad
      Emirates Airline ‘Europe’ Ad
      Mirae Asset Life ‘Cleaning’, ‘Stroll’ Ad
      Samsonite ‘Light, Strong’ Ad
      Black Yak ‘Walk Fit, Yak Ice’ Ad
    • 05Korea Yakult ‘Cold Brew’ Ad
    • 04Attendance at CinemaCon 2016
      KIA Motors ‘Niro’ Ad
      Swatch Group Korea ‘MIDO’ Ad
    • 02Movie <Bungaeman> Release in ScreenX
  • 2015
    • 12Movie <Himalaya> Release in ScreenX
      Visa Card Ad
      DongHwa Pharm ‘Gashwalmyeung Su’ Ad
      Giordano Ad
      CJ PR Ad
      SC Bank Ad
      KENZO Ad
      NIKE Ad
      S-OIL ‘S-OIL SEVEN’ Ad
      L’occitane ‘Holiday’ Ad
    • 11Movie <The Priest> Release in ScreenX
    • 10Movie <Odysseo> Release in ScreenX
    • 09Hankook Tire ‘TNDL3’
      Hankook Tire ‘TNDL3’ Ad
      KIA Motors ‘SPORTAGE’ Ad
      Nestle Korea ‘Nespresso Palermo/Milano’ Ad
      LG Electronics ‘GRAM’ Ad
      JEEP ‘Renegade’ Ad
      DongHwa Pharm ‘Gashwalmyeung Su’ Ad
    • 08Attendance at ‘Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition 2015(BIRTV)’
      ScreenX Launching Showcase in China
    • 07KIA Motors ‘K5’ Ad
      Netmarble ‘LINE’ Ad
      Emirates Airline Ad
      Everland Caribbean Bay Ad
    • 06<TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY_&…! – Surround Viewing>ScreenX Live
      Maserati Ghibli Diesel
      Renalt Samsung ‘QM3’ Ad
    • 05Movie<Coin Locker Girl> Release in ScreenX
      Outback Steakhouse ‘Outback Boomerang’ Ad
      SK Telecom ‘Let’s be Strange’ Ad
    • 04CinemaCon2015: SCREENX Special Screenings in AMC, Las Vegas
      Naver ‘Raven’ Ad
      Interpark INT ‘Interpark Tour’ Ad
      Renalt Samsung ‘QM3’ Ad
      Nestle Korea ‘Nespresso Innisia‘ Ad
    • 03CGV Hongdae VIM Project : The 5nd Artist <GAB> Media Showcase
      Naver ‘Line Rangers’ Ad
      Amway ‘ARTISTRY’ Ad
      Toyota Motor ‘Prius (Australia/Paris Ver.)’ Ad
    • 02CGV Hongdae VIM Project : The 4nd Artist <Silo LAB> Media Showcase
      Toyota Motor ‘Prius Paris Ver.’ Ad
      DongHwa Pharm ‘Each’ Ad
    • 01CGV Hongdae VIM Project : The 3nd Artist <Earth Design Works> Media Showcase
      Samsonite ‘RED’ Ad
      Renalt Samsung ‘SM5 Nova’ Ad
      Samsung Electronics Ad
  • 2014
    • 12CGV Hongdae VIM Project : The 2nd Artist <PARPUNK> Media Showcase
      Mcdonald’s ‘Lucky Burger’ Ad
      CJ Olive Young Ad
      Loccitane ‘Dance into the Season’ Ad
    • 11CGV Hongdae VIM Project : The 1st Artist <Studio Shelter> Media Showcase
      Swatch Group Korea ‘MIDO’ Ad
      Sky Gallery <Exodus> movie trailer
      CJ E&M Musical ‘Kinky Boots’ Ad
      Kolon Sport ‘Antarctica’ Ad
      Nestle Korea ‘Nescafe Supremo’ Ad
    • 10CGV Hongdae Open
      Amway ‘ARTISTRY’ Ad
      Columbia Sport Wear ‘TurboDown’ Ad
      Hankook Tire ‘The Next Driving LAB 2’ Ad
    • 09Shiseido ‘Ultimune’ Ad
      Thermos ‘Thermos’ Ad
      Emirates Airline ‘Emirates-Party/Family’ Ad
      CJ O Shopping ‘First Look’ Ad
      Sky Galler <Autumn>
    • 08DongHwa Pharm
      ‘Gashwalmyeung Su’ Ad
      PUMA ‘Forever Faster’ Ad
    • 07ScreenX Bridge Movie Trailer
      Audi ‘Land of Quattro’ Ad
      Bayer ‘Berocca’ Ad
      Coway Ad
      Volkswagen ‘New Golf GTI’ Ad
    • 06Renault Samsung ‘SM3 NEO’ Ad
      NIKE ‘Risk Everything’ Ad
    • 05Seoulmilk Ad
      Movie Trailer
      The Corporation for Travel Promotion ‘Brand USA’ Ad
      Toyota Motor ‘LEXUS Hybrid Zero’ Ad
    • 04Meritzfire Closing Etiquette Campaign
      Renault Samsung ‘QM3’ Ad
      Emirates Airline Ad
      L’Oréal Korea ‘Biotherm’ Ad
      Nestle Korea ‘Nespresso Innisia’ Ad
      Film Screening Event (11 cities)
    • 03JTBC ‘Secret Love Affair’ Ad
      Sky Gallery Movie Trailer
      Sky Gallery Movie Trailer
      ScreenX Bridge Movie Trailer
    • 02‘Multi-Projection System’ Patent Registered in USA
    • 01Ferrero Asia ‘Ferrerorocher’ Ad
  • 2013
    • 12Sky Bridge Winter Contents
      Sky Gallery Open at CGV Yeongdeungpo
      KIA Motors ‘Evolution of Mobility’ Ad
      Mcdonald’s ‘Lucky Burger’ Ad
      Audi ‘Take the Next’ Ad
    • 11Redbull ‘BC ONE’ Ad
    • 10ScreenX short film <THE X> to premiere at the 18th Busan
    • 09ScreenX Bridge Original Contents <VINGO>
      Amore Pacific ‘IOPE’ Ad
      Renault Samsung ‘Art Collection 14’ Ad
      ‘Multi-Projection System’ Patent Granted
    • 08DongHwa Pharm ‘Gashwalmyeung Su’ Ad
    • 07<SNOWPIERCER> movie trailer
      Johnson & Johnson ‘ACUVE’ Ad
    • 06Roy Kim Music Video (Teaser)
      <KILLER-TOON> movie trailer
      Samsonite ‘Firelite’ Ad
    • 05Hyundai Motors ‘Live Brilliant’ Ad
    • 04ScreenX Bridge Open at CGV Jung-gye
      Emirates Airline Ad
    • 03Vivien ‘Free Motion’ Ad
      <TOWER> movie highlight ScreenX version
    • 02Kia Motors ‘Evolution of Mobility’ Ad (CGV Chungdam Kia Theater)
      Robert Zemeckis Screening
      Arnold Schwarzenegger Screening
      Redbull ‘World Wide’ Ad
    • 01MFBTY Music Video Showcase
      Redbull ‘Gennie’ Ad
  • 2012
    • 12ScreenX Advertisement Showcase
      ‘Multi-Projection System’ Patent Registered
    • 11ScreenX installed at CGV Yeouido
    • 10Diageo Lobby Ad
    • 07Co-Development Contract Signed with KAIST University
    • 03ScreenX Concept Developed