Who we are

ScreenX is the world's first multi-projection system used within a theater setting.
Providing a new level of immersive media, ScreenX delivers the next evolution in cinema technology.


ScreenX started with a goal to provide a new immersive experience for audiences. By projecting images onto the side walls of the theater, ScreenX developed the world’s first multi-projection system within a theater setting.

ScreenX Solution is an integrated system developed by CGV’s expertise in motion picture theater systems, operations and installation, and costumer analysis. All functions of ScreenX Solution including theater environment data analysis, image correction, playback, and maintenance are integrated with one another and are in sync with existing digital cinema system.

Patents have been granted domestically and overseas for multi-projection system that includes auto-configuration of contents to fit various theater structures, integrated quality maintenance and distribution.

* Multi-Projection System (Patent No.: 10-2012-0081376/ 10-2012-0130113)
* Image Correction System and Method for Multi-Projection (Patent No.: 10-2012-0130112)
* Projection Device Management System (Patent No.: 10-2012-0130111)
* Multi-Projection System (Patent No.: CN201310289212, China)
* Projection Device Management System (Patent No.: EP1317920.1)


Projection System : Multi-projection System and Sync Technology specialized for the movie theater.
Contents – Auto-configuring of contents to fit the various theater structures.
Maintenance – Maintenance for projection systems for and content management for diversified theaters

* 미국 ‘Multi-projection system’ 특허 등록 완료 (Patent No.: US 13/667,364)

What is ScreenX Solution?

ScreenX’s self-developed theater system includes operation software and server system.

ScreenX Solution consists of ScreenX Projector and ScreenX Mastering Unit which includes Calibration, Rendering, and Playback functions.

Screenx Solution

Exclusively developed by CGV, ScreenX Solution provides integrated distribution system which allows for single content to be projected in many different theater structures. Furthermore, new multi-projection system that visualizes projected images as one single image has been newly developed to fit the characteristics of each theater. ScreenX Solution is designed to operate along with the theater system and for quality and system maintenance to be applicable on a real-time basis.